System Requirements

A valid user login for PrimeTrade; Java enabled web browser (Sun Java version 1.7 or later); 8GB RAM or more; High speed Internet connection. Please refer to our Security & Installation Guide for more information.

If your internet access is through a Proxy and it requires user/password authentication then please contact PrimeTrade support. Check Proxy Requirements for proxy server setup information.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions about using PrimeTrade or require post-trade assistance please do not hesitate to contact the Business Support group for your region or timezone.

You can find a list of our Contact Details here

Further Information

PrimeTrade is a web-based platform developed, supported and maintained by Credit Suisse. It provides direct access to Derivative Exchanges for debt, equity, FX and commodity futures and options. Credit Suisse is constantly improving the platform’s trading functionality to anticipate or adapt to changes in market structure and client execution strategies. PrimeTrade currently provides a wide variety of execution functions.

Listed Derivatives Futures & Options

AES Futures®. Reduces market impact, improves performance versus benchmarks and allows Traders to focus on the big picture.

Markets & Access. AES Futures are available on almost every major Futures exchange in the world. Use them via PrimeTrade, Vendor Platforms, FIX or via you CS Futures execution coverage.

Strategies. We provide an array of trading strategies that you can employ through Credit Suisse AES Futures

  • Float, Guerilla, Sniper, Reserve
  • TWAP, VWAP, Float Guerilla, Float Sniper
  • Inline Price, Inline Volume, With Tick

We also work with our clients to deliver customised and bespoke tactics to suit specific execution requirements.

PrimeTrade Futures Ticket

Foreign Exchange

PrimeTrade FX offers our clients access to Credit Suisse Foreign Exchange liquidity through a wide range of execution tools:

  • Streaming prices
  • Request-for-Stream
  • Algorithmic Orders (AES)
  • FX Limit Orders

More information

PrimeTrade FX Tickets

Precious Metals

PrimeTrade provides quick and easy access for Precious Metals trading, offering Spot, Forwards and Swaps execution on the four major Precious Metals (XAU, XAG, XPT, XPD) in more than 10 currencies as well as the ability to leave Orders in Gold, Silver, Palladium and Platinum.

Options for Precious Metals are available in Merlin.

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US Treasuries

Streaming on PrimeTrade is a new way of trading Cash US Treasury securities which offers you the ability to instantly trade on live, transparent and executable two-way streaming markets, all with a single click of a mouse.

Streaming is a significant step forward in electronic trade execution for US Treasuries that incorporates many of the advanced seen in other electronic markets such as Equities, Futures and Foreign Exchange.

Transparency. Live streaming two way markets with size before you trade.

Ease. Execute with one click and your trade is filled.

Precision. Trade in sizes that match your exact requirements. Streaming allows sizes down to $1000.

Innovation. Credit Suisse Onyx Streaming is the new way to trade Fixed Income.

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Onyx - Futures & US Treasuries

Credit Suisse Onyx for rates gives you access to our ultra-low latency pooling technology and market leading algorythmic strategies that our traders have employed for years.

Flexibility and strategic depth.

  • Trade futures basis, UST curve and UST flies. The same strategis for IRSwaps will be made available as the market evolves.
  • Work strategies that have traditionally been difficult to execute manually.
  • Proven spreading algorithms to suit your objectives.
  • Direct access to enhanced liquidity for cash, connecting you to liquidity supported by our extensive client franchise, internal market making desk and other electronic trading clients trading on Credit Suisse Onyx.

Available on the platform of your choice: PrimeTrade, Bloomberg (via ONYX or TSOX) or via a direct FIX API connection.

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